5 MEDIEVAL VILLAGES tour in Maremma

5 MEDIEVAL VILLAGES tour in Maremma


Magliano is a walled village located on a hill covered in secular olive trees. The walls, date back to 14th-15th century, surround wonderful historic buildings that you can visit by a relaxed walk through the village. The old town houses the Romanic St Martin’s Church, Palazzo dei Priori and the fourteenth-century house of Checco il Bello (this name has its origins in the beauty and the Lothario routine of Francesco Salvi who lived in the palace at beginning of the 20th century). In the olive grove nearby the village there is a famous olive tree called “the witch’s tree”: the legend has it that all the Tuscan witches used to assemble and glorify the devil under this ancient olive tree whose age is estimated approximately 5000 years, this is one of the oldest olive trees in Europe. Story goes that the size of the tree was so impressive that there were enough space in its branches to accommodate up to 40 people comfortably, in fact the village’s brass band used to sit there. Unfortunately, a lightning reduced significantly the size.  



Renowed for the famous wine , Morellino di Scansano, this hilltop village and its countryside is riddle with archaeological sites and castles. In its history this town has been owned by many noble families, from Aldobrandeschi to Sforza.

If you are interested in a delicious wine-testing, the Enoteca Dei Mille is what would please them.


Watched from a distance in the middle of the night the scenery is very impressive: a  stretched town shining at the summit of a tuff spur. The stone has been carved to build houses and graves.

In the XV century Pitigliano has been a refuge for Israelates that have been banned from the Papal State. That’s why this town conserved a lot of culinary Jewish traditions like the  Lekach (a honey and nuts pie) and the rare Kesher red wine produced under the supervision of the Rabbi.

Don’t forget to taste the white wine “Pitigliano d.o.c.” in “La Trattoria del Tufo Allegro” (vicolo della costituzione n. 5) where you can have a confortable and exquisite lunch in a parlor carved in the tuff.


Manciano is a walled village with a medieval fortress. It can be visited in 30 minutes. The area is famous for the natural spa of Saturnia. (few minutes from the town).


Sovana is one of the 100 most fascinating villages in Italy (according to the Italian municipalities association).

The town is spanned by a main street made by terracotta.

It’s possible to visit mysterious caves by feet and by horse, it’s a very suggestive trail.

Sorano is few kilometers far at the summit of a tuff spur. Houses are caved in the rock and the view is wonderful.